Empowerment for equity, joy and peace

through inner and outer development   




Muskaan's vision is to see a world full of joy, peace and equity.                               



Muskaan is a registered non-profit Trust since 2007, in India.

Our Mission
To promote holistic development of organizations, community groups and individuals, including children.

Our Objective
To accomplish the above, Muskaan's objective is to provide spaces full of life nurturing climate to bring out authenticity in human behavior, ultimately contributing to inner growth and external development.

Core Values
Leading by example

Our Belief

Sustainability comes from going deeper to root causes instead of addressing the symptoms that appear on the surface. Therefore, we are building Muskaan to promote the whole systems approach and in order to do that, engaging with the whole person approach is first step. Going through the whole person experience, one can enhance self awareness, and develop alignment in thoughts, words and actions and thus show up as an authentic person in any given situation.

Our guiding quote

“Education in its real sense is an endless journey through knowledge and enlightenment. A journey that opens up new vistas of development of humanism where there is neither scope nor room for pettiness, disharmony, jealousy, hatred or enmity. It transforms a human being into a wholesome whole, a noble soul and an asset to the universe. Real education enhances the dignity of a human being and increases his or her self-respect”

    - Dr Abdul Kalaam,former President of India