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through inner and outer development   

Muskaan offers volunteering opportunities for those interested working with the many programs and services that Muskaan provides. Interns will manage and develop these current programs as well as work on new, creative projects of their own. Muskaan interns will be provided with leadership and ownership over projects.

Past Muskaan volunteers have:

  • Developed concepts notes for Muskaan programs
  • Streamlined management of Muskaan supported small organizations
  • Developed the Volunteer Placement and Online Volunteer Program
  • Designed the Muskaan website
Volunteering assignments are unpaid and are offered year-round. Interested applicants should send a current CV and cover letter to muskaangc@gmail.com
For volunteering please fill out this form.

Summer 2007 Muskaan Volunteers

Amelia Salyers
Development Intern, June – August, 2007
Rising Senior, Princeton University

What made you choose Muskaan?

After deciding that I wanted to work in India for the summer, I realized that I would have trouble choosing in what specific area I would like to focus. Muskaan, however, offered me the opportunity to engage with several different areas in a substantial and meaningful way. Because it is a new organization with a leader who is open-minded and excited by fresh ideas, it offered me the perfect opportunity to take creative risks and to delve deeply into the many aspects of social work which interest me.

Evaluate your overall internship experience.

The decisions to live in India and, more importantly, to work for Muskaan is probably the riskiest decision I have ever made—and the best. On both an intellectual and emotional level, my time here has been rewarding and exhilarating. In just two months this summer, I have learned about a range of social welfare issues, often through personal, on-the-ground experiences. Additionally, I have gained invaluable skills necessary for the creation and management of NGOs as well as other organizations. Beyond these more pragmatic benefits, I most enjoyed my time with Vibha and my fellow interns, as we worked, travelled, ate and laughed together. Because of Vibha’s uniquely trusting and open leadership style, the team has been able to work effectively both on independent projects and in collaboration. Besides, how can a group not become great friends while making human letters in front of the Taj Mahal or dancing beneath the stars with the kids at the SOHAM boys’ home?

What was the highlight of your internship?

It is rather impossible to name just one highlight. Each new relationship I form and each unique adventure I have adds to the pile of “highlights.” Whether travelling with the team, interacting with our partners, or investing myself in my work for Muskaan, I have had one highlight after another. Perhaps if forced to choose one area, I would say that the relationships I have formed here have been incredible. I feel confident that the friendships I have formed here - both with the team at Muskaan and, for me personally, the children I have spent time with at our partner organizations - will continue beyond my eight-week stay in Delhi.

Amit Mahadevia
Development Intern, June – August 2007
Rising senior at Yale University

What made you choose Muskaan?

I chose to intern at Muskaan because I was drawn to its holistic approach to development and its focus on social responsibility, both of which I agree with completely. I was also drawn to Muskaan because it is a fairly new organization, so I would have the opportunity to work directly with the founder and get a lot of valuable experience. The work that Muskaan does was especially appealing because it combines my passions for consulting and working in the development sector.

Evaluate your overall internship experience.

My experience with Muskaan has been absolutely incredible. I’ve been able to have a tremendous amount of leadership and responsibility while being able to collaborate with a team, which is the ideal working environment. Vibha’s leadership style is one that fosters individual leadership and group collaboration, which has been extremely effective in furthering Muskaan’s and the interns’ goals. Working and travelling with the Muskaan team has been wonderful; everyone respects one another and helps each other bring their best work to the table. In just two months, I learned so much about the social sector, India, and myself; it was definitely a life changing experience.

What was the highlight of your internship?

The highlight of my internship was travelling with the Muskaan team to the different partner organizations. Spending days at a time with the team was an absolute pleasure; I was able to learn so much just by speaking with them about work and their experiences. I was also able to experience so many different cultures and environments on these trips, something that I’d always wanted to do in India.

Tae-Yeoun Keum
Development Intern, June – August 2007
Rising senior at Yale University

When I chose to intern at Muskaan, I was attracted to the fact that Muskaan was a very new organization, and thereby guaranteed the pleasure of seeing immediate results even from two months’ work. I was also drawn to India itself, and felt that what she had to offer was different from anything I could expect from the other summer options I had in countries that were either geographically or culturally closer to home.

I was not disappointed. I had enormous freedom to choose the assignments I’d take on. My work at Muskaan was the ideal balance between creating short-term, tangible projects (making brochures for our partners, creating the Muskaan website) and research-based concept development for Muskaan’s imminent endeavours.

But the greatest highlights of the internship were the human interactions involved. Being a part of the Muskaan team was an experience unlike any other. Throughout the entire summer, Vibha, the two other interns and I respected each other both as colleagues and as friends. Best of all, our 'business' trips together gave us the opportunity to bond not only with each other, but with the very people we affect through our work.

Dhruv Dayal
12th grade student at Junior College, Bombay, India

What made you choose Muskaan?

Currently studying in Junior College at Bombay, in the 12th Grade, I decided to take a break for a while. Needed to get away from distractions and change my routine, and the prospect of helping out with Muskaan excited me.