Empowerment for equity, joy and peace

through inner and outer development   

Whole Person Process Facilitation (WPPF)

WPPF is a meeting/training/consultation facilitation approach. We offer WPPF to work at inner, inter personal and outer levels, for individual and systemic transformation. 
WPPF creates meetings that produce results by tapping into the creativity and collective genius of the people in an organization or community group.

There are many things to pay attention to in ensuring good group process facilitation. Through WPPF we deliver those things and then go beyond them, recognizing the unseen world of intuitive knowledge, including the collective consciousness, as valuable assets for any organization to work from. 

Whole Person Process Facilitation works well with groups from 4-150 people and from 4 hours in length to several days.Its usefulness is that it works, has a good track record, is transferable to any situation, and is duplicable and simple.

We have facilitated staff retreats, communication training, leadership and team building workshops for many NGOs. We have imparted WPPF facilitation skills to more than 50 professionals.  

The WPPF is as an approach under the Genuine Contact Program.