Empowerment for equity, joy and peace

through inner and outer development   

Project Happiness is for adolescents, to help them explore their own unique path to happiness. The experiential and innovative curriculum, offers lifelong tools to empower adolescents by engaging them in fresh ways, it explores. 

The project activities are experiential and provide skills for self and social awareness and management. It is based on the framework for social and emotional learning. The content covers the following broad topics:- 

  1. Understanding happiness
  2. The Magic of Appreciation
  3. Identifying your strengths
  4. Self--‐Compassion
  5. Empathy & compassion
  6. Mind--‐body connection, boomerang effect
  7. Centering
  8. Power of gratitude
  9. Dealing with emotion of anger
  10. Time management
  11. Gender sensitization
The project (under the name Khushi) has completed one year of implementation with adolescents at our partner NGO - Arpana Trust. New phase has been started with adolescents from standard 8th, 9th and 11th.